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Silver Sales in New Orleans Rising


Silver Prices on the Rise, and so are Sales in New Orleans

We are experiencing a huge surge in silver sales throughout the New Orleans metro area.  Customers are traveling from all over to visit our store and cash in on the high silver prices.  Even though there are places to sell silver in Jefferson Parish, the feedback that our company is receiving from our customers is that they prefer our  service and prices.  Silver prices have surged to flirt with the $50 per ounce mark since the Federal Reserve announced that they are continuing the stimulus and keeping interest rates low.  With the new influx of dollars into the market, commodity prices, especially silver, are making strong upward strides.  Also, the inflationary impact of previous stimulus projects is beginning to trickle down through the market.  Our customers are cashing in on their used and broken jewelry, silverware and coins now that the price of silver is more that double than it was  about a year ago.  How long will this price spike stay around is the big question now that so many people are cashing in on silver.

Rising Silverware Sales in the New Orleans Area

So many people are just beginning to realize that they have hundreds of dollars in silverware that they never or rarely use.  Buying table ware has now become one of the most common items that we see people selling in our store.  Many customers are also requesting our home buying services when selling large quantities of silverware.  For the longest time gold prices outpaced silver. More people were choosing to invest in silver because it was affordable and easier to access than gold.  Now we see that silver sales are on the rise after the price of silver rose to a level that is relatively close to the gold surge.

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