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Is now the right time to buy Gold and Silver?


After a plethora of year end liquidation in the precious metals markets, many investors are looking toward 2013 as a year of opportunity. Much of the year end liquidation in the gold and silver markets was a result  of President Obama’s promise to raise all taxes, including capital gains taxes, in 2013. This caused many financial advisers and accountants to advise their clients to bring income forward into 2012 instead of delaying it until the following years. Many investors who bought gold and silver in 2012 at lower levels were incentivized  to harvest their profits early instead of holding on to their positions in hope of future gains. So is now the the perfect time to add to your precious metal positions?

On top of the extreme technical selling that has brought gold down to around the $1550 level and silver down to around the$28 level, Goldman Sacs has call an end to the Gold bull market. Most junior investors would be discouraged by this announcement coupled with the recent current drops in the precious metal markets, however, experienced investors know that you by when there is blood in the streets. Analyzing the current situation, it seems that now is that time for the precious metal markets.

For the new investor it is important to make sure that you understand each precious metal product on the market and that you do your proper diligence prior to ordering form any site or dealer. Typically most investors can search the online market and pick up the best deal out there at that time. One downfall to this method is that that investor does not get the opportunity to see the actual coins that he or she is purchasing. Furthermore, the investor does not know how long it will take for his or her coins to come in. Another option for the investor is to go to a local coin shop. Here he or she will spend a little more on the front end (usually 1% or so) for the product, but they also will usually get the opportunity to see the products he or she is buying. In addition, the investor gets the opportunity to meet the person he or she is doing business with and ask that dealer what he or she would pay for the product when you sell it back. Hope this information helps. Happy buying!


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