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How Does a Gold and Silver Party Work?

Make money while enjoying the company of friends and family.  Have your friends, family, and co-workers over for an evening of fun with the opportunity to leave with cash.

If you are interested in making money by throwing a gold and silver party then we will give you the information and tools to have one.  All you need to do is schedule a party with us and invite everyone.  We even provide invitations, food, and refreshments.  Our technicians will show up to your home, business, or church with certified testing equipment and scales to evaluate your precious metals.

Each guest invited to the party will be given an opportunity to have our technicians weigh, test, and examine their pieces to accurately determine the value and give the best possible price.  The guest will be paid immediately if the offer is accepted

How is the Payout Determined?
The payout is based on 3 factors:
1.    The karat
2.    The weight in grams
3.    The spot price of gold or silver

What Determines the Host Compensation?
The host is compensated based on the amount of precious metals purchased at their party.  The percentage earned varies with the price of metals, how much is purchased and fair market value of the secondary market prices.  Will will provide all hosts with the commission structure prior to booking their party, and the price we quote remains valid for that hosted party.

For example, our current commission structure for a party in which we purchase $5,000 of precious metals from your guests will make $700 for inviting them.
Any party with sales exceeding $20,000, host receives an additional $1,000 bonus.

In addition, we pay 5% for all subsequent parties that are booked by your guests attending your party.

What Does Mobile Gold Buyers Provide?
1.    Invitations to your guests
2.    Food
3.    Refreshments
4.    Professional, Courteous and Honest Service
5.    Same Day Payment

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Contact Us at : 504-858- GOLD (4653)

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