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Sideway Trading

Just as gold has remained relatively stable over the past couple of weeks–trading in a range between 1500 and 1550–, silver has done the same–trading in a range between 34$ and 38$. Despite this relative stability many are weary of the future direction of the precious metals. At the forefront of such worry is the recent …

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Silver and Gold Prices Headed Up or Down?

After this week’s mini bull run in gold and silver investors are scratching their heads wondering the next direction for precious metals.  While some financial analysts warn that gold may see a correction of 10 to 20 % over the summer, and that silver may test this month’s lows of around the 32$ level and …

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Volatility with Gold and Silver Prices

After the past week’s trading activity it is clear that gold and silver prices will likely remain volatile in the weeks ahead.  As is tradition, silver prices will likely remain substantially more volatile than its big brother Gold.  Despite such volatility, customers in the New Orleans, Jefferson, and surrounding parishes continue to sell their gold and silver scrap …

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Stabilizing Gold Prices and Silver Volatility

While silver prices have fallen dramatically over the last couple of days, gold prices have remained relatively stable above the $1,500 mark.  Our clients that sell gold in the New Orleans area have continued to cash in and sell their gold.  The recent sharp decline in silver prices is chiefly due to four margin requirement …

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